Why online shopping is booming in Australia

Posted 01 Dec, 2015/ under Department Stores

We’re a nation that loves innovation, convenience, good service and any excuse to shop, particularly at Christmas. It’s become an established fact that Aussies have taken to online shopping in droves in recent years and that we continue to support this most disruptive of technologies (to use the beloved buzzword of our new Prime Minister).

However latest research shows the reasons why shopping online is trending skywards in our country.

A recent survey conducted by the venerable Australia Post has found that 87 percent of respondents say they will shop online to buy at least one Christmas present this year. This compares to 52 percent of respondents surveyed at a similar time last year.

Christine Corbett, Executive General Manager, Postal and eCommerce Services at Australia Post — a person you could describe as being at the “coalface” of the delivery end of online shopping — outlined the attraction of online shopping for Australians.

“Christmas is our favourite time of year at Australia Post. We know our customers love online shopping, where they can shop at a time that suits them, from the comfort of their own home.”

Luckily for stats nerds and crowd behaviourists like myself, the survey drills down further into exactly why so many of us are turning to online stores and price comparison sites.

They are (in order):

  1. Being able to shop at a convenient time (63 percent).
  2. The ease of home delivery (53 percent). 
  3. Avoiding big crowds and traffic (52 percent).
  4. Being able to compare prices at the touch of a button (50 percent).

I know I can relate to all of the above but it does seem that convenience, fast delivery and range of prices are keys to the huge take up of online shopping by Australian shoppers.

Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Executive Director Russell Zimmerman agrees with the convenience factor.

“We’re seeing Australians increasingly use online for the purchase of Christmas gifts, especially as the channel evolves to make it easier for shoppers to receive their goods quickly and in a way that suits them,” he said.

What about you? What’s your main reason for shopping online this Christmas? Will you use online price comparison tools such as Bargain Spot to help nab a Christmas bargain? We’d like to hear your views.

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