Saying it with (native) flowers

Posted June 05, 2015/ under Gadgets & Gifts

Throughout history, a bunch of flowers has stood for everything from celebrating podium triumphs, to marriage bouquets, to settling differences and saying sorry. And a whole lot in between. Flowers have always been the universal language if you are celebrating a birthday, an event or big occasion, or just want to keep the right side of your loved one.

While fresh flowers have always had the edge for beauty, fragrance and colour the problem is that they rarely last very long. Even if the water is changed regularly, standard fresh flowers such as roses, daffodils, peonies and tulips rarely last more than a week or so, even less in hot weather.

Unless you go for Australian natives as cut flowers.

Australian flowers have had to adapt to the harsh Australian conditions experienced in this country and they therefore are far better suited for longevity. A typical bunch of natives bought in your local florist may last up to three times longer than a traditional bunch of flowers. A matter of weeks instead of days.

Natives has their own unique beauty and form and are well suited to any event where flowers are required. Some suggestions for an arrangement of Australian flowers are as follows:

Banksias. One of the perennial favourites. There are around 80 identified species of banksias of which 20 are generally used as cut flowers. A member of the Protea family, the distinctive cone shape and long life makes it a popular centrepiece of many native flower collections.

Waratahs. One of the more stunning natives used in cut flower arrangements, the Waratah is quintessentially Australian. Nothing quite makes a statement than an Australian native arrangement with a Waratah as a centrepiece with its rich red (or white) colour and stunning form.

Leucadendrons. These add height and structure and a touch of colour to balance out any native arrangement. A long-lasting and stunning cut flower, the leucadendron adds form to any arrangement. While not from Australia (the leucadendron originates from South Africa) it is from the Protea family which has ancient links with key Australian flowers and is often used to complement Australian natives.

Geraldton Wax. One of the more attractive of Australian native flowers, Geraldton Wax is often used to soften and add colour to other larger and more strident native flowers in an arrangement. Geraldton Wax’s sturdy stock allows it to last a long time as a cut flower.

So next you look in the window at your local florist or supermarket, check the Australian native plants, they look stunning, last longer and of course, you’ll be buying an Australian product.

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