How digital devices are helping in store sales

Posted July 25, 2015/ under Electronics

News that Aussies love online shopping is really no news at all. We’ve always loved the latest in innovative ideas and coolest inventions, combine that with shopping (one of our favourite sports) and you have a real Aussie winner!

However what’s more noteworthy is the way in which online research now guides us in how we shop in traditional “bricks and mortar” stores. For a recent study has shown to what extent we — as customers — check prices and research online before we step into stores and buy.

Latest figures supplied by consultancy company Deloitte show that up to two thirds of Australian shoppers check prices on a digital device before buying in a traditional shop.

While 93 percent of retail in Australia is still conducted in store, the influence that digital devices is having on sales is increasing. For the Deloitte research shows that 65 per cent of customers use a digital device before shopping to check prices and research reviews, while 31 per cent check items while actually shopping.

According to the research, conducted of 2,000 Australian customers shopping habits, putting us amongst the most online connected customers in the world. The study showed that Australians trail only the United States and Canada as being the most digitally driven in our retail habits.

This digital influence on in store purchases is one that retailers should note and act on said Deloitte Digital partner, Katherine Milesi.

“Digital is becoming an integral part of every element of the in-store shopping experience,” she said. “Australian retailers need to understand how to harness its influence to increase conversion rates and order sizes.”

“When consumers use digital devices to research, find and compare products – before, during and after shopping in-store – it boosts both average conversion rates by 25 per cent and order sizes by 21 per cent,” Ms Milesi added.

The report has shown that there is another aspect to the online shopping revolution. Not only are we embracing online shopping but digital technology is also helping boost sales in traditional stores.

Is this a clear indication of the influence of digital devices on our wallets and purses? Something to consider next time you flip on your smartphone to check prices online.

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