Help keep history alive by starting a sports memorabilia collection

Posted Jan 22, 2016/ under Sport & Fitness

The summer months are great for following through on those New Year’s resolutions to keep fit. The beautiful weather and long days just beckon you to pound the pavement, head for a mammoth bushwalk, go for an invigorating swim or pump up the tyres in the shed on the trusty bike for a Tour De Suburb/Town.

But what about those of us who still love our sports but prefer it in a more collectible form? Australia’s traditional obsession with sports memorabilia may be more your style.

The collecting of sports-related memorabilia has hit craze proportions in Australia. With the benefit of online shopping, a range of sports memorabilia sites offer the sports-mad punter never-ending choice and bargains. These include signed shirts, photos, limited edition footballs and other sports equipment and lots, lots more.

You can relive old sports moments, celebrate favourite teams or players just perfect for the sports bar, rumpus room, the man cave/shed or her space.

While most collectors collect for the love of sports (and to fill in the empty spaces around the sports bar), the collecting of signed jerseys, posters and other sports paraphernalia has become big business. As with all memorabilia, there is always the possibility of profit for the collector so long as the signed material is kept clean and dry and in good condition.

Any collection, from that of a humble sports fan to a library series and historical society best achieves its goals if it is focused in one (or limited) fields. For example, a local history society’s collection of photographs, books and implements focused on the past of the local area is of immense historical value.

It can be the same for even the most humble back-of-the-shed sports collection. Famous moments frozen in time in the form of signed photos and magazines; sports equipment signed by now-deceased heroes, team jerseys now almost impossible to find in regular stores.

Most collectors — at least the ones I know — would recommend that you collect sports memorabilia in the areas you love. This may even be focused down to a favourite team or sports personalities from a particular country. Their advice may be to focus on these to start, then broaden your collection should you wish in later years.

The second tip is to only buy from reputable dealers. Those with an established reputation for reliability, fair dealing and customer service.

So if your idea of sports is to pop down to the pool room and gaze at your collected signed shirts hanging on the wall instead of pulling on a boot, bicycle clips or swimmers, consider checking these bargains.

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