Finding Australias keenest online shoppers

Posted Aug 05, 2015/ under Electronics

Online shopping has taken off in leaps and bounds in Australia in recent years. The ever-increasing popularity of buying online has meant that shopping using the Internet has become second nature for many tech-savvy Aussies.

However where are the country’s keenest online shoppers located?

The answer may surprise, for a recent report has found that Canberra residents, on average, lead the nation in online shopping.

According to the latest Sensis eBusiness Report, nearly 80 percent of surveyed Canberrans had bought products online, a figure way up on the national average of 61 percent.

The Sensis survey of 1000 small businesses and 800 shoppers found that ACT shoppers were also amongst the most prolific when it comes to owning gadgets, a factor that may well contribute to their leadership in scouring the Internet for bargains.

"The ACT is Australia's tech capital. Residents really love their gadgets such as tablets, smartphones and digital TVs," Sensis commercial director Rob Tolliday told reporters.

The survey also found that ACT businesses were more focused on interstate and overseas sales than their counterparts in other states. Interstate sales account for 61 per cent of business from Canberra, higher than the national rate of 46 per cent. Overseas sales accounted for 36 per cent, compared with 27 per cent nationally

"Many ACT businesses are dealing with competition from overseas retailers such as ASOS and Amazon, but a large number are now firing back with their own sales into foreign markets," said Mr Tolliday. "You might expect the falling Australian dollar will see even more businesses start to sell their products globally."

It would seem then that our national capital (home of hot air, helicopters and hired lobbyists) is doubling as the tech capital of the nation. This is having a roll on effect on online shopping with ACT consumers leading the way for the rest of the country.

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